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At Irish Flight Training , we are committed to providing you training on the one of the most popular aircrafts in the world, The Airbus A320 family aircraft. Here at Irish Flight training we are committed to providing you quality pilot training courses that are designed to help you grow your aviation career as an Airline Transport Pilot . We offer initial, recurrent, Airbus 320 type rating courses so that whether you are just beginning your career, or you have years, of experience under your belt, we have the quality training you need.

We offer Airbus type rating courses from A320, A330 , A350, A380 and all CCQ Courses . Each of our Training facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art flight simulators and classes are taught by flight instructors who are experts in their chosen field. The pilot training courses at Irish Flight Training will provide you with valuable training to help you enjoy a successful career as a commercial airline pilot. Enroll in an Airbus type rating course today