Licence Renewal Revalidations

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Has your Type rating expired or Needing Renewed

Need to renew or Revalidate your Type Rating, Well Irish Flight Training provide you with a quick, affordable and efficient solution to renew or revalidate your type rating on the following aircraft:
  • Airbus A320
  • Airbus A330/350
  • Airbus A340
  • Boeing B737
  • TRI Revalidations or Renewals

Type Rating Revalidation

4 Hours / 1 Days   Your Type Rating should be revalidated every 12 months after it has been issued or revalidated. The revalidation of your type rating can be performed up to 3 months prior its expiration. If done more than 3 months prior your type rating expiration, the new validity will be the date of the Licence Proficiency Check (LPC). To revalidate your type rating, you need to take a Licence Proficiency Check (LPC) consisting of:
  • A test on a Full Flight Simulator (FFS) 1 session - 4 hours

Type Rating Renewal

Duration depends on your situation   If your type rating has expired, you need to perform a renewal. The training requirement vary upon how much time has lapsed since your type rating has expired. If your type rating expired for less than 3 months, you require a Licence Proficiency Check (LPC) consisting of
  • A test on a Full Flight Simulator (FFS) 1 session - 4 hours
If your type rating expired for more than 3 months, please contact us directly.

Requirements for a Type Rating Renewal or Revalidation

Based on whether you require a Revalidation or a Renewal of your Type Rating, you must hold:
  • Revalidation: Valid Type Rating to be revalidated
  • Renewal: Type Rating expired by less than 7 years
  • A valid Class 1 Medical certificate
  • A minimum of Level 4 in English proficiency

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