Airbus A320 Type Rating Course

Airbus A320 Type Rating

At Irish Flight Training, you will be pleased to know that we offer our most popular Type rating course to students which is the Airbus A320 Family. We provide some of the most experienced instructors in the industry to train you for your Airbus A320 Type Rating. The aim of the course is to give you theoretical knowledge and practical skills to safely operate this large widebody four engine Aircraft once on the line.

Your Type Rating is set into 4 Stages

The Requirements to Start your Type Rating are as follows

To enrol in the A320 Type Rating course, you must meet at least the following minimum conditions:
  • Mandatory to Hold a valid CPL with 70 hours PIC
  • Mandatory to Hold a valid Multi Engine Instrument Rating (IRME)
  • Mandatory to Have completed an MCC Course
  • Mandatory to Hold a valid ATPL(A) Theoretical knowledge exam
  • Have completed an Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) course (only if it is your first MPA type rating)
  • Mandatory to Hold a valid Class 1 Medical certificate
  • Mandatory to Have a minimum of Level 4 in English proficiency


110 Hours / 17 Days
  • Aircraft System Computer Based Training - 75h
  • Specifications / Aircraft Limitations - 6h
  • Performance / Weight & Balance / MEL Introduction - 6h
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) - 6h
  • Abnormal Situations / Upset Recovery - 6h
  • Flight Management / FMGS Procedures - 5h
  • Written Exam - 3h


36 Hours / 9 Days
  • A320 Fixed Based Simulator (FBS) - 1 Session - 4h
  • A320 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) - 8 Sessions - 32h


4 Hours / 1 Day
  • Full Flight Simulator (FFS) - Skill Test - 4h


5 Hours / 1 Days
  • Briefing - 1h
  • Aircraft Flying
    • 6 Take offs & Landings
    • 4 Take offs & Landings (if you've already hold an MPA Type Rating)
  • For ZFTT Training on Full Flight Simulator (FFS) - 4h